Schedule At A Glance

Day/Time Session Room 1 Session Room 2 Session Room 3
Sunday PM 6-8 PM

Opening Reception (All attendees)

Monday AM 8-10 AM

Plenary (All attendees)

Monday AM 10:20-Noon Additive Manufacturing Welds and Weld Metals BWR SCC and Chemistry
Monday PM Zirconium and Fuel Cladding Welds and Weld Metals BWR SCC and Chemistry
Tuesday AM Accident Tolerant Fuel PWR Nickel SCC Initiation Plant Operating Experience
Tuesday PM


Wednesday AM Irradiation Damage-Stainless Steels PWR Nickel SCC Mechanistic Understanding Concrete
Wednesday PM Irradiation Damage I- Ni PWR Oxides and Deposits Cables
Wednesday Evening

Poster session and Banquet (5:30-9:00pm)

Thursday AM Special Topics PWR Stainless Steel SCC Initiation Advances in Matl Computational Modeling
Thursday PM Irradiation Assisted SCC (ASCC) Testing I PWR Stainless SCC and Fatigue Crack Growth PWR Secondary Side


Meeting close

Thursday -5 pm


General Topics List

Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding

Additive Manufacturing Applications/Progress

Advances in Materials Computational Modeling Supporting SCC and Fatigue Understanding


BWR Water Chemistry

Cables and Concrete Aging and Degradation General SCC and SCC Modeling

IASCC Testing

Irradiation Damage – Nickel Alloys Irradiation Damage – Stainless Steels Irradiation Damage – Swelling

Plant Operating Experience PWR Nickel SCC – Initiation

PWR Nickel SCC – Mechanistic Understanding PWR Nickel sec -Alloy 690

PWR Oxides and Deposits PWR Secondary Side

PWR Stainless Steel SCC and Fatigue Special Topics

Stainless Steel Aging and CASS

Welds, Weld Metal and Weld Assessments Zirconium and Fuel Cladding